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Institute Of Diploma Program

GPO - Government Polytechnic Orai is located in Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh and it is affiliated with Board of Technical Education Lucknow. We are committed to providing committed, student-centric local and global need based quality education ensuring sustainable development.

Orai has benn named after a saint(Rishi) Uddalak because he worshipped there and has historical value because of its location, which is between Jhansi, Mahoba and Kalpi. Orai was also known as the City Of King 'Mahil' who was infamous for his bad habits and back-biting; he betrayed his nephews Alha and Udal.

Why join Institute Of Diploma Program in GPO ?
  • Academic integrity and accountability.
  • Respect and tolerance for the views of every individual.
  • Strong research orientation and culture based foundation.
  • Sustainable development and responsible education.
  • Internationally accepted pedagogy.
  • GPO lays a lot of emphasis on industry interaction for students.
  • Students need to compulsorily attend internship in each semester.
  • Students are also sent for short term live projects.
  • Regular visits to factories are undertaken to get better understanding of various sectors.
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